marți, 14 iulie 2009

Sleeping lessons with Steve!

Just dreaming in my "bedroom"!
Wake and skate! I hate dogs!
Computing in my sleep...

HA ha ha! Error... Steve proof Windows XP!
Don't ask ?!
This was good old extreme napping!
I know this move from Nadia Comaneci... no kidding!
My buddy Andi, see I was trying to push him of the bed :P
It's statistically proven that I'm better at sleeping than everyone else, and I'm proud of it! :)
Naturally cute!
What can I say...
I call this the "salami" position.
This is the "flying in my dreams" position, also known by some cats as "jump around".
Shit...CAT ON THE STICK!!!!!!!!! Runaway!!!
I do not remember how I got there...
Yep', cute...
I wake up in strange places.
We were playing where's the Jew?!And it was, an experience...
Don't drink and drive, damn it, STOOOP THE CAR!
This is the "complete relax" position.

That's not me!

"Belly sleeping" with Pingu, what a nice guy!

What can I say... somebody has to keep an eye out for this guys, and obvious not me :)

Party on my back! I hate pigeons.

miercuri, 6 mai 2009

OK, I was on the internet, nothing there, no cat-porn, nothing! it's not worth it, but it's worth pushing those buttons, specially the SHUT-DOWN button....oh I like laptops, specially when it's nobody home, I got to press every little button.muhahahaaa miau..

joi, 30 aprilie 2009

My Curly World
Check out my new friend, she got what it takes, she does stuff, but I don't know the purpose...oh well...but I have to admit, preety little cool colored things she makes there.
if someone only would buy me a pair of those round things...oh boy oh play play!

miercuri, 29 aprilie 2009

There are several things that I like in this cat-life, one of those things are the flies,especially those big big mosquitos..yummy...oh yeah and part of that hunting is door-climbing..everything-climbing...
My first word"miau"!Very important day for me!The complexity of the word "miau" meaning , for those who doesn't know : "I'm hungry" ,"What's that?", "My name is Steve","Let me out!" and s.o.
One of these days....I'm gonna take one with me...outside....from the third floor....aaaand waydown....u know what I mean...they throw me out and lock the window every now andthen...morons.
Isn't that....? Who the f*** posted this photo? Now i'm really pissed off! was my first love... paturica!